The craziest way to waste time in a football game

From the day I started watching football until now, I've never seen anything like this before. It is indeed an usual practice for a football goalkeeper to waste time in a winning football game but this one... beats them all.

Even though it might look really stupid I don't actually believe there is any other better way of wasting time. I do not know whether the goalkeeper took some time to think about this method or not but for sure it was worth it if he did.

Nice and slow but also with style our dear goalkeeper which we believe is of an Arab nationality had decided that it's time to waste some time even if it was only the 51 minute of the game. With style as I already said, just before he got down to position his ball for the free kick, our goalkeeper had quickly untied his shoelace to later on realise he was not able to take the free kick as his shoelace untied on him. Oh!

A madness of goalkeeper! See the video bellow to see what happened.

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