ZicZoom Admin

My name is Gabriel I. (Gaby) and I like singing and playing guitar and piano. I think it's one of the best ways I could start this. For those interested I'm also the admin of ZicZoom. I'm a Romania national and I do not want to bore you with a long article where I write just about me so I'm going to be short and to the subject.

I'm a very calm man that does not get angry easily or even at all. Other hobbies I have besides computers are music and football. I'm a man that likes to learn a lot and share my knowledge with other (the reason why I created this blog). Even though I may not know you, if you are respectful and nice I consider you my friend. At the same time I do not consider myself anything special so if you think you can teach me something new I will be waiting for you at "zic.zoom@yahoo.com" or my facebook page right here.

Blog Overview

For now, ZicZoom is an interactive website with lots of interesting, funny and helpful articles. It started right here on this blog. ZicZoom is more than you think, it is an expanding website which we hope to surprise with in the near future.

This is it just for now, We wish you a superb navigation!