The stress test from Nivea and they went pretty far with it

So you're sitting in the airport lounge minding your own business and waiting for your gate to be opened. The next moment, an individual sits right opposite you reading a newspaper but as soon as you glimpse your eyes over, your brain sends a signal that something is worth taking another look. You check the front cover of the newspaper, only just that this time around you're now staring at it and simply don't believe your eyes what you're seeing. The first thought is probably, is that actually me or someone that looks like me? But then you realise they are wearing the same clothes as you and have a hairstyle identical to yours.

Now it's serious, but more serious when you realise you're actually wanted. What's worst is that an airport announcement follows then a news coverage right after that. It's true. It's about you. This is real! Have a watch and see these people's reaction.

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