EUROS 2016: Highlights and the UNBELIEVABLE!!

It is probably worth mentioning from the start that France were my favorites in this final. Does it mean I hate Portugal, no! It just means that I'm more of a Messi fan rather than Ronaldo and I understand that this does not have anything to do with the international teams but I'm certain of one thing and that is the fact that no Messi fan wanted to see Ronaldo celebrate. In the end whatever happened, happened and I need to confess that when Ronaldo got injured I did not cheer, in fact, I felt quite emotional to see him try to get back on two occasions just to realise he really could not do it anymore which led him to leave the football pitch in tears. That was sad, I admit! That's the moment I decided that I want the best team to win it. And now you're asking, did the best team win it? Maybe!

Here are a few facts that are worth knowing.

1. Portugal won the Euros with a single win in 90 minutes.

Yes, that's right people. Before the final the only win they achieved in 90 minutes was in the game against Wales (score of 2-0). All the other games that Portugal won were decided either during extra time or penalty shoot out. This is one of the things that makes Portugal special in this tournament.

2. Portugal finished 3rd in the group stages.

Now you're in this world can a team that almost didn't even qualify in the group stages win the Euros? And my answer to that is well... Portugal did it. Now is when you're questioning yourself even more. Do you mean to tell me Portugal was the best team in this tournament? Well, apparently yes and however much you want to argue with the idea that they were not, the name on that cup proves it. Euros 2016 Champions: Portugal. So were they the best, we'll probably have to agree to disagree and the other way around. Don't you dare argue this with a Portugal fan because that's an argument you'll never win.

3. France actually started and ended the Euros.

With France hosting the Euros it would have been just the right thing to have them also start it. With hard work and dedication, they were also the ones to put an end it. Probably not with a smile on their face but with a definitely increased reputation.

4. The Golden Boot Award goes to... you guessed right! 

4. You tell us something while we continue to think of a few more...

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